These look awesome! Jaybird JB-100 Bluetooth headphones & the Clip...

Has anyone tried these with their Clip yet? How are they?



$180 and the bluetooth adapter is larger than the Clip.

No thanks - I’ll stick with wires.  I’ve got the $20 JVC “Marshmallow” in-ears from WalMart.  A little dangerous to use while walking/jogging as they shut out so much outside sound, but great for in the health club and on airplanes.  Thinking about trying the Trick Audio ones next tho’.

I’ve got the marshmallow as well. Sounds fine but the cord-noise is horrible!! Any thoughts?

Anyone else tried these? I’m super-curious…


Why the interest in complicating a simple thing?  Is the priority to have a cool blue light flickering on the side of your head?  Re-digitizing the analog output signal from the Clip, with its known superior audio quality, and then running it through an a/d-d/a step to move a wireless signal…two feet? 

The resulting audio is generated within the wireless headset’s teeny d/a converter.  Yuck. 

Now, if pure audio quality is your fancy, then why not look up something inherently bizarre…that really works.  The beastie is big, it employs high voltages, and it consumes power prodigiously: the Stax portable electrostatic headset.  But, I assure you, the audio quality of the Clip is worthy of such attention.  Oh, and it doesn’t have a flashing blue light on it.

Enjoy your Clip as it was designed to be: simple, lightweight, and cooler than the coolest blue light.

Oh.  Sorry.  Just remembered- it does have its own very cool blue ring.

Bob  (earbuds back on…)  :smileyvery-happy: