Headphone/earbuds reccomendations for outdoor jogging

Hi gang, I’m new here, and this is my first question! I just got my new clip (4GB!!) and i love it - no more iplod shuffle for me. My question is, can anyone reccomend good headphones/earbuds for jogging? I don’t need audiophile quality, but i don’t want super cheap either. My earbuds tend to fall out when jogging, and I need something that will be comfy under a winter hat or hood.

any help would be appreciated - I know from reading the posts that many of you use the clip in the gym or for outdoor running.



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 Hey, welcome =]. Hope you’re enjoying your new Clip. I currently own the JVC Marshmallows -
JVC Marshmallows

I’ve just recently started jogging outside, even though I’ve had the clip since December, lol. The marshmallows are cheap, yes, but they sound awesome (at least to me they do…). Nice highs, good enough bass (for me), and they suit a variety of volume levels. Very nice.

The only thing I have against them is the fact of how short the wire is, as I usually clip my clip to my pants pocket, and when I turn my head one may get ripped out of my ear (not exactly pleasant…), but they’re pretty easy to get back in so it’s not much of a problem. I fixed the shortness problem by using a cable extention from a pair of Sentry headphones which doesn’t really lower the SQ, at least to me.

Besides getting ripped out of my head a few times due to my own fault, they haven’t falled out once yet, they’ve bared a large amount of sweat, so they seem to be very good for jogging and heavy exersize.

As for comfy under a hat or hood, these headphones go pretty much into your ears, so you won’t feel much from them under your hood. There was one time in school that I actually FORGOT they were in my ears, lol. Teacher decided to remind me of them by ripping them out of my head by the cord, which reminded me of them, but yea :angry:

I recommend the JVC Marshmallows though, cheap price, they seem very durable (have been ripped out by teachers pulling cord more then once…), easy to clean as well. 

Also, sorry if I said the same thing 2 or 3 times… Just a tad busy :smiley:

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The Marshmallows are good if you are looking for the cheapest possible phones that are still fairly decent.  However, I would strongly recommend the JVC Air Cushions.  They’re only $35 retail (you can do better online).  They compare favorably to phones in the $75-100 range.  Also, they come with a number of different silicone and foam fitting options, so you are pretty much guaranteed a good, comfortable fit.

Take a look at this ranking: http://www.testfreaks.es/auriculares-audio/?sort=score.

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Here’s another good list: Headphone Buyer’s Guide

If you buy the Sennheiser CX500 model be careful with fakes. Seems like the market is full of them:


I bought one yesterday and previously checked that it was an official distributor.

Plus you may want to do a search using the search box above–there are many posts on this topic. 

I purchased the Sansa travel kit through Sansa. I was redirected to Amazon. For under $29.00 I got the Made for Sansa by Maximo travel kit. Includes wall charger, car charger USB connector(useless witht the Clip so use the one it came with.) and best of all the “Metal” earbuds by Maximo! This is the best set of Buds I have ever used. Great rich full sound. Great low end and clear high end. Why these aren’t in the stores I’ll never understand. The point is…the buds alone are worth every penny and if you purchase just the buds it will cost more. Great deal. I am ordering a second set because my wife loves them with her new IPOD 160 and these work with the IPOD. This is my second Sansa. The size is ideal 2gig and now I’m sorry I didn’t go for the 4 gig but I wasn’t sure if I would like the Clip in use after purchasing it. I should have known better as I still have my trustee e100. I use Media Player 11 to sync and no problems. (I don’t do any drm on this unit.) MP3 or wma only riped from my personal library of disks. I wear this to my office every day.

I just got the JVC marshmellows yesterday and bought the 2 gig Clip today and I’ll tell you it’s the best sound I’ve experienced and I’ve gone through many players and headphones and this is by far the best sounding. I also set the equalizer to Jazz which gives me the best sound! Good luck to all! 2 Gig Clip is 50 bucks at Target, much cheaper than Best Buy or Circuit City!

I would recommend using yurbuds. They are custom fit silicon buds that fit right over apple headphones or other earbuds and they won’t fall out. Plus they are super comfortable and sound really good. www.yurbuds.com

I’ve been using the predecessor to these (PMX70) to these for 2 1/2 yrs now and they still work fine.  They indeed can be rinsed off and are ideal for running:


While the sound quality isn’t perfect, it’s adequate.  And they do not move nor come out while running.  I went through 3-4 difference designs before settling on this one.  The only downside is you can’t use them for anything but running.  The headband in the rear sticks out too much.

The winter hat/hood will be a problem though.  For anything where there’s no head covering, this design just cannot be beat.  And the sound quality surprisingly is not too shabby.  They’re not my Beyerdynamics nor my Grados, but they do okay for the price.  Plus they do not block out all ambient sounds, something I do not like when I’m outdoors.