The "White Screen of Death"

Hello everyone,

I have been using my Fuze since early October and I absolutely love it. It’s an awesome product, it’s just that the white screen of death that I have is not so awesome! I was listening to it one night and I turned it off like normal, and the next day I had the white screen. I have been looking all around this website for a solution and there hasn’t been anything definitive so far, so I’d like this to be sort of an ‘official’ statement/solution page for this problem. If anybody has a clear solution to this, I’d like to hear it! I have tried all of the other things like ‘soft reset’ and ‘upgrading firmware’ and they don’t work. Is is even a fixable problem?

Thanks! =]

that happened to my fuze and as far as i know it isnt fixable so youll either have to take it back where you got it or contact tech support.

Aw, no way… That’s unfortunate. =[

I hate going through customer support and all that junk. I was hoping there was something I could do to get it fixed on my own. This kind ofproblem makes me lose faith in the quality of my Sansa’s. I had a c250 (I think?) and the audiojack broke in that, and now this? Oh my…