the refeshing your media screen

I put some music on my sansa fuze and then when i disconected from the computer, the refreshing your media screen would not go away.  I’m not sure if I should refromat it because if i put more music on it and the refreshing your media screen doesn’t go away again, I wont have any music.

Depending on the amount of the data or music files you have on your device, “Refreshing Database” may take a while to finish. But if you feel it’s frozen you may try the following steps:

Resetting the player:

  1. Slide and hold the Power switch up for approximately 20 seconds.
  2. Release the Power switch.
  3. To turn the player on, slide the Power switch up then release instantly.

Manual update by downloading the firmware from the Sansa Forum

  1. Go to the Sansa Fuze firmware update board on the Sansa Forum.  
  2. Instructions on updating the firmware manually are provided in the thread.