The Clip-zip Isn't shutoff.

the music is’nt stop when i want to stop and shut down. only play and pause and the battery is low after 1 day that i am not use the Clip-zip. how i shut off or stop the music? 


There is no STOP, only PAUSE.

but the battery is low because of that. how i save my battery?

Press the on/off switch on the upper edge (above the display) for 1½ seconds. (You haven’t explicitly reported that it doesn’t work.)

no, that button working and i close the sansa But the battery still low very quickly.

Are you saying that the battery is losing charge when turned off?

yes, and that i cant stop in that clip-zip.

You don’t need a «stop» function, as «pause» needs the same amount of current as «stop» would. My Clips run about 6 hours at max – this with constant shuffle play among rather high-bitrate MP3s, full internal memory and external (32 GB) card as well as frequent skipping. Display light is set to 50% and to turn off after 15 seconds without manipulations. With continuous play without frequent skipping and maybe with low-bitrate MP3s you may get 10 or 11 hours of runtime.

I habe no explanation for a Zip consuming power when turned off, mine doesn’t. Are you sure?

yes, that’s weird.

If it’s turned off, it’s off. Regardless of whether the music is “paused” or “stopped”. Off is off. If your battery is draining while it’s turned off, you may want to think about contacting SanDisk for a replacement if still within warranty. it should not be doing this. Minimum power drain is normal, but it should still retaiin battery power for weeks (or even months) when not being used.

Another tip to conserve battery is using the Power Saver, Backlight Time On and/or Sleep option to lower the time it stays on when not active (in use).

You also might try manually reapplying the latest firmware, in case the power issue is a result of a firmware glitch that’s developed over time.

how can i do that?