Sansa Clip auto shutdown

Just bought 4GB Clip. This is all new to me, so be patient.

  1. When I pause FM or a song, the player turns off after a bit…What controls this?

  2. if I want to stop an mp3 playing (2 hour mp3s). How do I do that?

Ad 1. The player turns off after a while to save the battery. You can change that time (or even disable this function) in the settings menu (settings -> power -> auto power).

Ad 2. You can’t stop it, just pause it (isn’t it the same?). After reading point 1 I assume you know how to pause the player :wink:

Thanks, that is the info I needed. Ya, I understand the “pause”, just wondered if there actual stop function and I see now there isn’t. For a little player, it has a lot of abilities!:dizzy_face: