Proper way to stop play & shut down

Since the Clip doesn’t have a “Stop play” option, only “Pause”, I was wondering if it’s better to put the player in pause mode prior to turning it off, or does it make no difference?  That’s what I’ve been doing, pause it, then shut it down, or is it fine to just power it off while in the middle of a tune? 

btw, have any of you users here played this thing through your car stereo?  Man, it sounds awesome!  I got it playing through the aux in jack of my XM Radio cradle. 

Pause and turn off or turn off without Pause…I don’t think it’s matter…I’ve doing it both way and there is nothing wrong with it…the device still resume at the same place after powering back on so I don’t think it’s a problem…as for car stereo…yes…it’s great…I listen in my car as well and enjoy it very much.