Clip Zip Battery Drain

My current Clip Zip has suddenly developed an issue with major battery drain when I turn it off, it’ll act as if I never turned it off. Not only that, when I charge it a bit to use it it’ll say I need to resubscribe to rhapsody despite the little light being green and the second I connect it to rhapsody its all okay, this is a persistant problem in my current mp3 player and I vaguely remember it happening before with a previous sandisk I had

Try running the player until it stops from a lack of power, then give it a long charge via a cell phone charger or other USB AC charger. This should reset the battery meter in the player. Has the player had a large amount of use? If so, it might be that the battery in the player is wearing out. You could also try manually installing the latest firmware. It could be that there is a hardware problem and a short circuit in the player? Is the player warm when it has been off for a while?