Battery dying on clip zip

Is it possible to replace the battery on the zip? Mines draining very quickly, like four to six hours. I’ve just had it since April.

The difficult thing is, you’d likely have to buy another player, to replace the battery with.  Although you can replace the battery, the player wasn’t designed for that or to be opened (although people do so).

A separate possibility:  if your battery has degraded to that point, SanDisk might replace the player under the player’s warranty (1 year in the U.S., 2 in the EU).  I would try that avenue first and telephone SanDisk Customer Service about that.

By the way, what type of files are you using?  If “basic” mp3 files, that battery charge level is low.  But if FLAC files, which consume more energy, that might be more normal.  

There’s other factors that affect battery life too. Things like Backlight brightness and/or “time on” setting, how often you yourself turn the backlight on to check the artist of the song playing, or switch tracks, etc., whether or not you use the EQ (yes, anything other than normal EQ will consume more power), whether or not there is a micro SD card inserted and how often a song from the card is played, and how old the unit is, meaning how many times has it been charged and discharged. Lithium batteries lose capacity and charge life gradually over time, so one that is a few years old and has been used regularly will not have nearly the battery life as it did when it was new.

The most frequently played tracks are on an expansion card, so that might be a partial explanation. That shouldn’t drain the battery life to four to six hours.

Just playing MP3. Yea, it’s still on warranty, I’ll have to look into replacing it.

SanDisk is good about that.