Somebody please confirm my 8gb clip zip battery performance

Been using it for like 2 years already, just now I feel like having the battery performance confirmed over here.

So the battery goes down from 100% to 88% in just below 10 minutes when I check it on Info under System Settings. The volume is High, the volume bar is set at 6/8. I’m not sure but it kinda seems like the battery performace is deteriorating over time, my zip used to be able to last longer. Could this be because of the battery has already bloated or something? Can anyone here confirm whether this is normal? any kind of response will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Oh and also I’d like to know how long yours will last with the same exact settings as mine. Volume set to high and volume bar set at 6/8.

Batteries do wear down, over time.  And the battery gauge is far from precise, so this might be “normal.”

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