The Clip and the Jam was a design mistake

Their price differences compared to the Clip+ did not justify creating crippled products that appeared to be the Clip+'s replacements.

SanDisk, do you have any plans on replacing people’s models or updating the software to bring back the featureset of previous generations? If you’re going to get out of the portable audio business, that’s one thing. But to hurt its market is another.

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Unfortunately, the abilities of the Clip+/Clip Zip seemingly cannot be added to the Sport and Jam, due to the limitations of the microprocessor in the Sport and Jam.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the microprocessor in the earlier Clips discontinued that microprocessor.

Not being an engineer, the issues all seem to revolve around the microprocessor selected for the new models–an unfortunate devolution rather than evolution.

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Oh, and a manufacturer’s replacement of sold items?  Absent notable exception, when pigs fly, and it ain’t gonna happen here . . . .

(Having said that, Dell has freely replaced an electronic stylus it sold–but the stylus was defective (or borderline defective) as issued, rather than simply being deficient–it had been pushed out prematurely, before its hardware bugs were fixed.)