Why did Sandisk stop making the Clip+ when there's still demand for them?

Why did Sandisk stop making the Clip+ when there’s still high demand for them? I cheapest new 8GB is more than $150!!

I bought an 8GB Jam and the lowest volume was still too high for me so I considered it a waste of money. Over the years I have purchased several Clip+ because it was perfect for me. Now if I want one, it costs a lot more than the Jam and Sport. Why are they that expensive if they’re obsolete now? Why people still want to buy them when Sandisk has other MP3 players with  the same features and form factor?

The Clip series of mp3 players was changed to this new generation (Jam, Sport, Sport+) because the manufacturer of the processor chip (brain) discontinued the one SanDisk (& others) were using. The newer one is as they say, less “robust”, meaning fewer features & functionality as compared with the older one.

The reason the few Clip+'s are so expensive now is simply supply & demand. Many people are wanting them, but there are very few on the market. Most are used; very, very few are old (but unused)stock.