Clip VS Clip+

Someone can tell why the clip+ is a little bit cheap that the clip? I can’t understand, it supossed that the clip+ has a better firmware, and has a slot. So why this happens, is beacause of the materials of the players?

Thank for your answers.

I think that it’s like so much technology: it tends to get cheaper over time.  For example, a computer similar to the computer I purchased a year ago is now $100 cheaper than the price of mine a year ago.  Here, stores seemingly are selling the original Clip based on the price they purchased the Clip at earlier (they seem to feel that they can get away with that, and that customers will continue to buy it at that price, not really recognizing the new Clip+); however, as the Clip+ now is less expensive than the price of the original Clip, we have the anamoly that the older technology is selling for a greater price then the new technology.

From what I can tell, the new Clip is not of a lesser construction than the original Clip.  To the contrary, it appears to have a sturdier construction then the original Clip.

I’m assuming that a major factor for the Clip+'s lower cost is the falling price of computer memory.  I’m sure that competition also fits in there.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I’m gonna do this same question in the Clip+ forum to get another point of view.

The slow economy may also be having an effect on the pricing. Manufacturers and retailers are dropping prices in an attempt to draw more buyers.

Ain’t it great?


Was just at my local electronics superstore today, and they had a sleek, portable, external Iomega computer backup drive, with a full terabyte of space, for $80.