launch date for canada?

any word on this yet?

and the price? i hope it’s the same as us prices seeing as to how the cdn dollar is ~.93 to us

but looking at the current 2gb clips, going for 60+ here… when 2gb clips+ are 40$ at the sandisk store

Went to 3 different walmarts, 2 best buys and a futureshop today and nobody had a clue on what I was asking for. I also asked them when they would be getting any new shipments or orders, etc. and they said their associates haven’t heard a word either.

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I would give it a wee bit of time and then inquire again.  If I recall correctly, SanDisk said the Clip+ was not officially being released until right around now. 

Some stores seem to be delaying their sale of the Clip+ until they sell out of their inventory of Clips. The funny thing is that most stores haven’t reduced the price of the Clip very much. Are they hoping that many people haven’t heard about the Clip+? Some stores in the US are still be selling 2 GB Clips for over $45! If they lower the price to $25 or less they will sell, however there doesn’t seem to be much demand now for 2 GB Clips at $45 or $50.