Clip+ price hike?

I bought myself a Clip+ on Amazon a week before Christmas.  It was $54.   I love it so much I convinced my wife she needs one.  I went to Amazon to buy another and it was $68 a couple days ago; today it’s $65…   I checked another place I purchase from a lot ( and same thing… was $55 before Christmas, now it’s $65.  What gives?  Is this a grand conspiracy, or did Sandisk raise the cost?  And I thought prices usually go down after the xmas rush, not up???

Message Edited by garybeck on 01-06-2010 12:50 PM

Well, in my experience, prices often go down dramatically in Nov.-Dec. and then back up after.  I would give it some time–they’ll start down again.

If you can “live” with an original Clip, the SanDisk store has some super prices on them right now.  And I mean, 50% or more off list.

thanks but I absolutely can’t live without that memory slot.  :wink:

Yep, I can understand that.  But some great deals there!

And the price now is down at Wal-Mart!   :)   Although, when I checked, stock was out.   :frowning:

Amazon prices bounce around all over the place.  A few weeks ago I was going to buy the Ultimate Watchmen DVD when I saw the price had suddenly jumped $15 from the previous day.  I held off a day and sure enough, the price dropped back down to what I had wanted to pay in the first place.

In late 2006, after I bought my first Sansa from them (an E280) I saw the price had dropped almost $30 a few days later.  Unfortunately, it was just outside the timeframe when I could have requested a partial refund for the difference (a ‘hidden’ policy they had at the time)…