Sansa clip 8gb for 36.99 free shipping at

Hey, the sansa clip 8gb mp3 player refurbished is on sale at for 36.99 free shipping check it out.

A new 8 GB Clip+  is only $58 on Amazon with free shipping. I wouldn’t consider a refurbished 8 GB Clip a bargain at $36.99. Imo even a new 8 GB Clip at $37 wouldn’t be a bargain when a new 8 GB Clip+ is just $21 more. The Clip+ has a card slot and folder browsing which the Clip lacks.

And so the price at Amazon for the Clip+ continues to fall.  Wow!

(Humorous that Amazon shows the list price as $103.20.)

Today’s price for that 8gb clip+ is up a bit today. Amazon, although I personally like them a lot, seem to use a random number generator to set their prices with frequent updates.

It always seems to go up when I go back to a product page to place an order!