Sansa Clip+ sells for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Worthwhile altenatives with physical buttons?

According to this previous discussion SanDisk had to alter the Clip+ because the company making the chip (the brains) of the players discontinued them. Fair enough. But this still doesn’t answer the question why SanDish had to change the good, sturdy physical buttons to something inferior. @Tapeworm?

The less than stellar reviews of the Jam and the Sport aren’t convincing. I sense there is a gap in the market here. SanDisk doesn’t want to fill it? Maybe someone else should.

I believe you answered your own question. You’re looking for a comparable alternative, but you say there’s a gap in the market. That would mean that there is no comparable alternative with the same amount of functionality the clip+ had.

There is no shame in buying a used Clip+. Especially if you buy a refurbished unit, the battery has been replaced and works great. Keep your eye on eBay listings, you can usually snag one for $30-40.