the 8GB Clip finally arrives ...

Since yesterday the 8GB Sansa Clip is available in Germany. 
The black one is only 46€ (~58$) at, I ordered mine 
a few weeks ago at for 47€ and it arrived today!

Of course I compared it to my 2GB Clip:

  • Display seems slightly brighter (at same setting)
  • buttons sound less “clicky” and seem to sit firmer in place :slight_smile:
  • FM-reception had been very bad when backlight was on, this is now fixed
  • copying files to the clip is faster

Superficial stuff:

  • the “sansa”-logo on the front is now the same you can see when the player “boots up”
  • completely different packaging, very colourful and stylish
  • nice “rotatable” manual, some card with sansa-logo-thingings on it, very stylish!

And last but most important: 
The SQ is the same - not “more hiss” or anything like that, as far as I can tell with my Yuin earbuds.


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Sweet… Now I know what I’ll get if I ever lose or break my 4GB Clip. :smileyvery-happy:

Does it have issues playing MP3s like the 8GB Fuze does? 

I have MP3s encoded with CBR as well as VBR, bitrates ranging from 64 to 256, also a lot of OGGs and some FLACs. So far, there were no issues what so ever. I often listen to classical music, so I think I would have noticed popping/background noise or even skipping. The described problems seem to be related to the backligt, considering that the fm-radio reception problem (which was also related to the backlight) is fixed, the MP3 issue might be fixed as well. But if can provide a problematic file I’d be happy to test it. 

Did you check the firmware version?

Is the 8GB Clip the mysterious Revision 2 version? ;]

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Yes, it is hardware revision 2, it came with firmware V02.01.13F and I updated to V02.01.16F.

Anyone knows whether the 8GB clip is available in Canada or the US? if so… where?

Got it too, yesterday. Really great. Mine came with Firmware 13F too.

This thing is freaking cool when it comes to transfering files. I’ve never seen such a thing, honestly, and I frequently use USB Sticks and Memory Cards and also (used to) transfer audio files to my cell phone with Winamp. And the Clip gets, like, twice the speed. I had more than 4GB full in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Awesome.

Is it really so fast?

Could you use Total Commander to transfer some files and check the speed? (TC displays the speed in MB/s).

I foundout that MTP mode is actually much faster than MSC-mode. In MSC mode I got about 4,5 MB/s (write), in MTP roughly 8,5 MB/s (write)! 

Although you might find a usb-stick that writes a little bit faster, I guess speed in MTP-mode is pretty decent. :slight_smile:

Well I suppose FeX’s measurements are correct.

I don’t have a really fast USB stick (or any previous Sansa Clip for that matter) or something to compare the Clip to, but subjectively (and comparing it to standard USB sticks, memory cards and my cell phone, a Windows Mobile Device) the clip really leaves 'em all behind. Oh and I am using MTP to transfer files (Winamp), haven’t tried MSC, and I probably won’t since it seems to be slower.

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8GB Clip announcements:




Happy Holidays,


We must be getting near an 8gb Clip release – I say that because I see that Costco has lowered the price of their 4gb Clips again plus their holiday flyer says that 8gb Fuzes will be $20 off, and a day or two ago 2gb Clips were available on for $15.  Sansa and retailers are clearing some shelves to make way for 8gb Clips…?  :)