When will the Clip 8gb coming out?

Planning on getting the silver 4 gb for 60$ atm on sale at circuit city. But I was wondering if the 8 gb would lower the 4 gb price or introduce new hardware. Any news?  thank you guys

I would love to know too…

I think I’m just going to buy a Fuze- as it has a much longer-playing battery- and I’ll doubt there’ll be much difference in the price- so even though the video will be a waste for me, it won’t deter me.

What is detering me, is Sansa’s lack of color choices/horrid colors. Take a lesson from iPod, Sansa…their crappy players are so wildly popular, probably largely because they look nice and come in a wide range of pretty colors.

well, just bought it. So far so good, awesome little player. Just charging, I hope there aren’t any faults…

Do you guys recommend a black or clear silicone case for it?


I’d say based on this German website, the odds look like it’s going to be pretty soon

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UHHGGggg!! Silver, with the stupid, screen-obscuring reflective coating/tint!!! They apparently didn’t learn from the 4GB fiasco!

I’m really tempted to start looking at some other brands…

Click on schwarz - the black 8gb model will show up. Looks like black (schwarz) and silver (silber) are available at that site.

…Ah! Cool. Looks like the schwarz one doesn’t have the reflective coating, either. Too bad they don’t have it in Grün. Oh well…can’t have everything- the schwarz’ll do!

Actually, I would like one in silber metalflake with candy apple blue flames with candy grape flame tips! Or, one in schwarz with 1950’s style tri-color thin tip fire flames with baby-blue pinstripe borders! Maybe in the Christmas '09 models…LOL

If an 8GB clip is coming out then that means there must be a larger-capacity fuze comming out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering, is the new clip going to have an expandable slot? I’m not expecting it to but if it did, I’d be in awe…

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I still think I’ll go mit der Fuze, because of the longer battery life…I mean longenschpiel batternhoffer lifen! :wink:


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Of course, one would expect the German racing silver color, but I agree, klavierlack black is the choice.

Bob  :wink:

When I bought my Clip, I figured it had an expandable slot. But 4GB is plenty for me. :smiley:

The battery should last about 15 hours right? So far I think I’ve only squeezed out 5-ish maybe and its almost 25% done