8GB Clip?

Saw this on Head-Fi.org’s forums:




Let us hope this happens…


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8GB is definitely very tasty, especially thinking of that kind of capacity in such a wee device.  Headroom is a wonderful thing.  I could load a nice group of Rhapsody Channels on the Clip, rather than reserving my listening to just two.

But, for locating that favorite track, I am quite spoiled with the display size of the e200 and Fuze.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess 8 gb makes a statement and attracts attention (something this small, with 8 gb), especially where Apple failed to upgrade its small player in any way apart from some extra colors.

I do wonder, at the same time, about the value of an 8 gb player–for me, 8 gb is in that netherland of not enough to store one’s collection, and simply allowing more time before transferring files off of it.  But that has value, and I guess it also is nice for recording, where the Clip records to wav and not mp3 or other compressed form. 

That would be nice if they made a 8gb clip

Well, at least Apple can change colors…I don’t think paint will change the fact that the Shuffle is one step above a Shaker, with no display.

I’d like a pearl white (cool gold pearl at that!) 8GB Clip, rather than silver metallic.  I know, the 'Pod has stolen the thunder from white, but it would look cool. Tasteful and understated.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

I could use an 8GB Clip.  I’ve about 130 megabytes left on my 4GB Clip, and really don’t want to get rid of any music.  I like taking my entire MP3 library around with me.  I did recently get a very cheap, brand new Sansa c240 (v1) at Wal-Mart on clearance ($22!) and that’ll act as an overflow, especially with some 2GB MicroSD cards I got on-line.  So, yes, I could use an 8GB Clip…:wink:


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If you like FLAC,  you will want an 8 GB clip.

8GB would definitely be cool.  However, they need to address some navigation limitions before it would be feasible.  I can’t imagine navigating 8GB of MP3s on a Clip without some kind of alphabetic index/filter and accelerated scrolling.  It’s already brutal on my 8GB Fuze, the Clip would be even worse.

Yeah 8GB of FLAC is like 2GB of OGG :wink:

Does anyone have any idea when this might be released based on previous IFA shows?  If it’s more than a month I guess I should get the 2GB one now.  Not keen from what I’ve read about the silver coating on the 4GB.

A tech. blog I read said the 8 gb would be out for December holidays.

As to the 4 gb, the reflection issue really is not an issue, for inside use; it only would be an outside issue if you use it alot outside in the sun (and I find that the 2 gb has a degree of that same issue as well, outside).