Temporary Solution To Sensitive Touchpad

Amazon has a slew of different color silicone cases for the Fuze+ sold by third party sellers.  While being thoroughly cheap and nothing special, the silicone casing has helped prevent the constant skipping of tracks when the player is in my hands (unlocked).  You get a screen protector with some of them also.  I hope that the lock function is improved in future firmware though to make it much easier to prevent accidental rewinding, fast forward, track skipping, and pause.  

I discovered a similar soltuion to this problem. My problem has been with the Fuze + being in the locked mode but being unlocked as it sits in my pocket and then rewinding a selection. I listen to radio podcasts  which are up to 2 hours long and it’s a nightmare when this happens at the end of a pocast. I have a little pouch that came with some Sony earbuds that is almost the right size to hold the Fuze +. I locked the fuze + and put it in this pouch and took it for a long walk. Listened to a 2 hour podcast and  it never came unlocked. This  is a great temporary solution, but I want to see Sandisk imrpove the locking/unlocking procedure. I’d prefer  holding down the off/on switch to unlock it.

Yes, I still don’t understand how the current lock feature was chosen over simply tapping the on/off button :confused: