Two Complaints Regarding An Otherwise Great MP3 Player

I really like the Fuze+ a lot, but there are a few issues holding it back from being fantastic.  

The EQ is much improved this time around.  Customizing it no longer lowers the volume.  But why is the EQ no longer accessible from the music playback screen?  This was one of the great convenient features of the Fuze, that everything was relatively accessible, that you didn’t have to go back through the menus to reach the EQ to change it.  Can the EQ menu eventually be made available through a simple press on the playback screen, the same way you toggle shuffle on/off and rate a song? 

The other issue I think is the lock feature.  Other user have mentioned this on the ABI forum as well: that the lock feature is overly tedious for a simple mp3 player.  Why can’t the top power on/off button be used as a lock button.  You hold it for a few seconds to turn it on and off, a simple press and release could lock/unlock it, right?  This seems reasonable, tell me if I am being too picky here though.  I can’t even say how many times I have accidentally skipped a track, restarted a track in the middle of it, or hit pause because of the sensitivity of the touch pad.  The slightest breeze of a finger triggers it, making it an extreme annoyance when you are in the process of trying to enjoy your new player.  Implementing a simple as pie lock feature via the top button would aid in avoiding this frustration, like when I am walking on campus, for instance.  

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this player better than the Fuze, but I wasn’t expecting perfection, nor should anyone expect perfection.  The touch controls are super sensitive, and skipping over artists in your library happens frequently.  Minor annoyance, but I hope some of these issues could be addressed, it would really make the Fuze+ an amazing mp3 player.  

I knew the touch controls were a bad idea. Shoulda gone with the Clip+ layout.:wink:

I just started using my Fuze + 16GB and the lock/unlock function malfunctions. The Fuze + will not stay in locked

mode as described in documentation. I listen to radio show podcast which are from 1 hour to 2 hours in length. I lock

the device but it comes unlocked and resets the track to the beginning all on it’s own.

A related complaint is this. On the e280, I was able to scan forward at high speed to get back to where I was.

That function appears to be gone on the Fuze +.

Is there a solution to either of these problems? I hope so else I will need to return the Fuze + and find something else.

Have you  tried updating the firmware? There’s a new firmware for the Fuze+. Might help.

just a thought :smiley:

I have had it occur a couple of times where the Fuze+ amazingly unlocked itself while in my shirt pocket.  Perhaps while walking, the touchpad detected an upward motion against the shirt fabric and unlocked itself.  How this happens, I don’t know, but I guess the touchpad is really that sensitive.  I really hope the lock feature gets moved to the top power button, it just boggles my mind that this was not initially implemented.  When I bought the Fuze+, I didn’t even look at the user manual because I literally assumed that the power on/off toggled as a simple lock feature as well.