Fuze + Bookmarking in Podcasts

Is really bad.   The touch pad is so sensitive that when handling the unit before putting on lock, if you accidentally touch the very edge of the pad (which I have done many times) it jumps to the next podcast.  When you go back it starts the podcast over.   No bookmark.  I’ve been using the Fuze for over a year.  I have no trouble with podcast bookmarking in it, even in the same scenario.    Yes, I have updated to the latest firmware.  Podcast bookmarking works when you back out to main menu level or pause it and the unit goes to sleep.  Will this issue be fixed in future firmware upgrades?

I find the unit unresponsive at times and then overly responsive at others.  Not a friendly unit to try and go to sleep by if you need to make a change after the lights are out.   Not very happy w it.   What about sensitivity issues being fixed in subsequent upgrades?


the way the device enters lock will be changing soon. that should prevent the accidental skips. 

Did somebody say Skip?

Reminds me of this…

The new resume function is a little different.  I liked the dual use of the “chapter mode” as a limiter for the currently playing  file / podcast. 

Oh, regarding the aerobatics here, I find it kind of apropos, just like keeping the fingers away from the touchpad.  I listen to podcasts every day, so I know exactly what you’re referring to.  My father in law used to do flying like this in a YAK-55, just a few feet off the deck at times, simply awesome from the flight line.

Bob  :wink:

I’ve tried w/ and w/out chapter mode on.   It still does not keep the podcast bookmarked if I accidentally touch the outer edge of the pad whle I have it unlocked.  

Unfortunatley, I am mainly a  podcast user and many of the podcasts have commercial breaks.  Every several minutes, I have to take the player out of my pocket, unlock, fast forward and then lock again.  You do HAVE to lock it order to put in your pocket.     I never had to lock the Fuze to put in my pocket.  

Will the sensitivity of the outer edge of the unit be fixed in subsequent upgrades?   What about the bookmarking function if I accidentally tab to the next podcast?   Do you know if the locking function will be adressed in the next firmware upgrade?   Do you know how long till the next firmware upgrade and if some or all of these issues will be adressed in the next upgrade?  

Unless some of these fixes are coming soon, I don’t think I can live w/ this unit.   It is just way to high maintenance for a podcast user.  I like many things about the player but the issues I face w/ podcasts is a deal breaker for me.



Several things I would prefer on the Fuze+ pertain to podcast use.

As you do, I love listening to daily podcasts.  Like the earlier Fuze, I liked the function when Chapter Mode was active, the player would hold in the current file.

Additionally, I’d take a cue from the e200 series: if you sweep from side to side during playback (display ON), the player should sweep through the present file.  This function works great with video on the Fuze+, I’d love to see the same thing in podcasts.  The e200 has a seriously cool scan through song mode using the scroll wheel.

Hey, come to think of it, we can do some cool things with the touchpad, as it can recognize a rotating sweep as a scroll through song command.  Now that would be very cool indeed!

I am anticipating an auto-lock function, as zipping into the next podcast while picking up the device is, well, most disappointing.


Bob  :dizzy_face:

I have given up on this player and am returning.   Too frustrating.

Well I was about to Give up as a Long time Fuze 8gig Black Thumb wheel owner and take back my New Fuze + untill Sandisk Cust Support refered me to do the Firmware Update #02.38.06A MANUALLY, Not through the Sansa Updater. Also since I do Drag & Drop and also have an 8Gig uSD Card full of Podcasts that I should use  the FUZE + in USB Mode = MSC and not Auto the Default. 

I Tell you I was about to return my Fuze + Back to Best Buys (Had Gift Certificts ortherwiseI’d use Amazon) and now I’m happy to report I’m happy with the “RESUME” Feature as Long as you Follow the Rules.  #1 Use USB Mode MSC, #2  Always put Podcasts in A Root Folder titled “Podcasts”. And #3 Get Use to the Touchie Touchpad.  

On a Positive note The Menu Structure is Greatly improved and the Larger display is easier to find podcasts and the Sorting is Better than the Older Fuze.  This all started because of the Aging Wearing out Thumb Wheel on the Older Black Fuse 8Gig which otrherwise was Still Working Perfically Great. Battery and all after 3 Years Plus of Constant Use!. So Finally Fixed. I ordered all my Needed Accessories from Amazon Yesterday and will now Register my Fuze+, The King Player of Podcasts!