Known issue with Audio Bookmarks


Theres a known issue with the Bookmarking.  If you sync new content to the player the Audiobook and Podcast  (non-Audible)  bookmarks are reset.  We will have this fixed with a firmware update soon.



Glad to see I’m not crazy. I’ve noticed the resume bookmarks disappearing but hadn’t nailed down why.


I have been successfully using the “manual bookmarks” in both Podcasts and Audiobooks until I just upgraded the firmware to version 1.01.22A.  Now I have completely lost all ability to place these manual bookmarks into Podcasts and Audiobooks.  In the previous firmware I had the option for “resume from beginning” or “play from current position”.  What happened to those manual bookmarks?  I really want to get that feature back.  Please tell me how I can return to the previous firmware version so I can get them back.