Sanza Fuze loses bookmark in long audiobook

My Fuze’s bookmark feature has worked fine for the first 20+ hours of my first audiobook (on this device), spanning many resumes over the last three weeks. I’ve listened to podcasts and other things in between audiobook sessions, and the book has always picked up just where I left off. At some point after the 20 hour mark, however, when I click Resume, the audiobook resumes at some point near the beginning – not at the absolute beginning but 4 hours or so into the book. It has happened more than once, but I don’t know if this erroneous resume point is always the same. Fortunately, I can fast forward to the actual point I left off (now I write it down!) and go from there. This error does not always occur; sometimes it hits the corrrect resume point, so I don’t think the problem is an overflow. Anyone else see this? More importantly, is there a fix?

See if bookmark error is replicable w/ another audiobook.

Workaround fix is to chop up long mp3 into multiple shorter (<20 hr) mp3’s.