The SanDisk Fuse is a lot easier to navigate

I just returned my Fuse+.  I have an old Fuse, and I go back and forth between FM and Music.  I also use the “Shuffle” feature.  After using FM and returning to Music, I cannot go to the “Previous Song”  without it just shuffling thru the last 10 songs.  I would like the shuffle to continue ALL my songs.  I got so frustrated I returned the Fuse+ and will buy a plain Fuse from Amazon.  I cannot recommend the Fuse+.

I was thinking about buying a Fuze+ a year ago, but after reading  the reviews I decided to buy another Clip+ instead. Since then I have been hoping for firmware upgrades to solve the issues with the Fuze+. While new firmware updates solved some problems, many are still not happy with how navigation works, and the unintended navigation they get. While I think the player can be improved some more with firmware updates, I am wondering if they will ever be able to address my main reason for not buying the Fuze+, which is that there is no easy way to quickly pause or restart the player while it is in a pocket with the controls locked. Other players with a touchscreen or touchpad solve this by having a tactile button for play/pause. I was hoping that Sandisk could assign this to the power button(for a quick press) but instead they assigned the lock feature to it. I hope Sandisk will address this for future players they plan with  touchscreen or touchpad controls. I guess they chose touchpad rather than touchscreen to save costs. If it was up to me, I would have made the player with a 3.3" touchscreen, even better video support, and with a few tactile buttons for the most frequently used functions(play/pause, rewind/track back, FF track forward).

In addition to the Clip+, I have the Fuze. The Fuze is in general a nice player, however the proprietary connector on it is very annoying. I hope Sandisk will start releasing more than one player a year. I was hoping to buy a player with a much larger screen and much  longer battery life than the Clip+. I guess I may need to wait until next year for one from Sandisk. As far as other brands of players, they don’t provide as much podcast support as the Sandisk players. I am hoping that the next player Sandisk releases will have good variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction.