Things I dislike about the Fuze+, and my personal suggestions

Now, yes I get that just about anything I say has already been stated by many others but I am going list the things I dislike about the new Fuze+.

Now today I bought my first Fuze+, and already these are the problems I have noticed:

  • Poor navigation with the touch panel (i.e. too sensitive, or not sensitive enough)

  • Turning the player on/off is a hassle because you have to wait so long for it to actually do so

  • “Play all songs” feature has been replaced with “Shuffle all”, and you can’t play all albums by an artist anymore

  • The plastic design seems like it would be pretty easy to break (not willing to find out), and it gets smudgy way too fast thanks to the new touch panel feature

  • Locking the the player is another irritating process, whereas with the previous fuze all you had to do was move the power switch down

  • With the previous Fuze all you had to do to get to the music settings (e.g. equalizer, repeat options) was press down while listening to music, now you literally have to go back to the main menu, and scroll all the way right until you get to settings

That is simply what I’ve noticed in the last few hours that I’ve had the thing, I know there is more that I have not run into yet but in summary I think this product is really a step down from the previous Fuze. Although the previous had quirks of its own it really doesn’t compare to this. So, here’s my suggestions on how Sandisk could improve the Fuze+ based on the above:

  1. Remove the touch panel and bring back the navigation wheel (only one that doesn’t jam over time)

  2. Power “button” should be changed back to original power “switch” with less waiting time

  3. Use something stronger than plastic, I can’t say the original Fuze was all that great either, but did survive quite a few drops and bangs

  4. Bring back the “Play all songs” and “Play all albums” features

  5. Make certain menus easier to get to when needed (e.g. pressing down to get to music settings while playing music)

Feel free to leave your input if you know something I don’t, or disagree, or have a better suggestion. Thanks.