syncronize to continue your music subscription?

I bought a Sansa Fuze and downloaded quite a few tracks onto it, both older CD and new CD tracks, but when wanting to play them half the tracks have the above notice ‘syncronize to continue your music subscription’.

What does it mean as I can’t find any mention of this on the website or forums and how to I sort it so I can play the tracks.


this message appears when you have DRM protected or copy protected music on the device that has expired. are all files from CDs or did you also use a service like rhapsody to transfer some files? if you used a service just resync with that service. if they are all from cds make sure copy protection is not enabled when you rip the cd.  here is a knowledge base article that may help

article 1

Thanks for the reply , its actually the wifes fuze , I think she’ll have to re-rip her collection from CD again and start over, ah well. And thanks for the article.