Syncing album to my MP3 Clip Sport

I can set-up the Sync on my new computer in the Media Player but the computer is not reading the MP3 player when it is connected with the USB port. However the computer is charging the MP3 Player when connected. How do I trouble shoot getting this new computer with Windows 11 to read my MP3 Player?

Try to use the micro USB cable that came with your player. This cable is capable of charging your player AND data transfer with your player. Many other common micro USB cables do not include wires for data transfer. These are a bit thinner than the SanDisk cable.

Appreciate your response. Did not get a micro USB cable with my Clip Sport. In the past and my prior laptop I was able to do data transfer/charging through a regular USB cable.

I have about 6 micro USB cables that came with a variety of my devices over the years. Only 2 of these work with my Clip Sport for data transfer (they all work for charging). AND, the original SanDisk cable always works.

Thanks - then we don’t know why there is no data transfer.

Check out the humorous drawing and explanation at this weblink:
[Identifying data transfer micro USB cables vs charge only micro USB cables - Super User ]