Synchronize Issue. Not sure of next step.


Here’s the situation:

My computer crashed and everything was lost. I’m back in business now but before the crash I had cancelled my sub to Napster. I signed back up recently and I am trying to get rid of that pink sign on my Sansa Fuze that says synchronize to music subscription.  What do I do? Do I have to format the player and lose my music? is this a problem for Napster or Sansa?

Please help

I’m winging this answer here because I don’t know exactly the answer here, but first try resetting the Fuze.  Hold the on switch for about 30 seconds until the screen turns off.  Then turn it back on.  If this doesn’t work, you can’t find another answer, and you do format it, first back everything up on your computer.  If you don’t trust your computer, try saving on two or something.  Then format it _ from the player.  _I’m stressing this because formatting it from the Fuze is pretty hassle free, where from the computer is painful.

First, use the search function up there on the right to search “synchronize to continue” and Napster. There may be a solution for you. (Searching any error message is always a good idea.)

Before you format, contact Napster, or look at its help files. .

“Synchronize to continue” means there is a problem with the digital-rights codes Napster sent the unit–it’s not finding them authorized on the computer anymore.  If your music is still on the computer, you should be able to format and re-sync the Fuze. But if the only copies are on your unit it would be best to have Napster unlock them for you.

Thanks guys. I formatted the player (on the player) and that pink screen is gone. I am adding back my music as I write. Some songs needed to be deleted anyway.:smileyvery-happy: