Synchronise to continue your music subscription

 At the risk of looking stupid, this is my first MP3 player.  I added songs from my music folder to the audiobooks folder because my player said to organize. I wasnt sure what to do , so I added a bunch of same artist songs from Music folder to audiobooks. Now my player is telling me to synchronise in order to keep my music subscription. How in the world do I do that?? Please help!!! What am I doing wrong? I am not using Rhapsody as my primary sharing program, I am using Bearshare. I found Bear much easier than Limewire…PLEASE help a mp3 player illiterate!!

Did you use Windows Media Player to rip any of your own songs from CDs? By default, WMP creates copy-protected WMA files, which can trigger that message. Go into WMP’s settings and uncheck “Copy protect music” (you may also want to change other settings, such as which filetype WMP rips your songs to).

No. I didnt rip any tunes at all. ive just been downloading. Any more suggestions?

My Clip has up to date drivers, and charges up on one computer if I just connect it. But this computer does not have any music files.

It charges up on another if I move the on button to orange and press and connect at the same time, this computer has the

music files but they will not synch correctly to the scan disc. 

A While ago I found an area about formatting the scan disc where you right click my computer and do something there but can no longer find it.

The radio works fine, but as we are going on a cruise soon I want to be able to take this with me and use it in the middle of the med.

Not very technical so lay-man terms please.



You can reformat the Clip underr its own Settings–there’s an option there.  That sometimes will fix issues.  But it also will erase any of your content on the Clip.

You also can reformat the Clip from your computer (that also will erase your content on the Clip).  After yor Clip is connected (you may need to be in USB MSC mode for this), if your right-click on the Clip’s drive, you should see a Format option.  Format as FAT32.

Finally, can you simply drag and drop/copy and paste files to your Clip?  Personally, I prefer that to syncing.