Hi. My clip’s been reminding me to renew my subscription. Can somebody tell me how to do that? Thanks.

Are you using a subscription service like Rhapsody, Napster, Audible, or Overdrive?

With these services, you simply need to synchronize with the computer, by plugging in and opening the matching client.

If you don’t subscribe, have you ripped CDs from Windows Media Player?  You may have left the copy protection turned on when transferring from CD.

If neither situation fits, format the Clip and reload your music.  Remember that formatting erases all of your music from the player.  It’s a wonderful idea to have a backup of your music for this reason.  Well, lots of reasons, like losing your Clip, being able to play the music while your wife borrowed your Clip. Or when you can’t find that wee beastie because it’s clipped to your back pocket.   Or it’s hiding among the four Clips dangling from the USB ports…

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: