synching very slow and other problems

I’m having a few nagging issues with my Clip.  For the longest time using WMP 11, in MTP mode, whenever I sync, it seems that it would get stuck on a song.  In WMP, the sync process would just sit at 100% and not move on to the next song.  After reading through the forums, I started using mediamonkey (the latest version) to sync in MTP mode, and I run into a similar problem.  In WMP, if I stop the sync, unplug the usb, plug the usb back into the computer a few times, then it would eventually sync all of the files that I wanted.  I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem.  I’ve tried to see if there was any sort of pattern for the files that causes the sync to get stuck, but it just seems random.

On a separate but related note, I’ve tried MSC mode, and it transfers my files beautifully…but I can’t get playlists to work for the life of me.  I’ve tried placing the playlist that I created using foobar2k (same people that made winamp, but even lighter on the memory footprint) in all sorts of places (within the same folder as the music, root, or in a folder called playlists) and i’ve tried editing the playlist myself to make sure its relative and pointing to the right folder (no drive letters), and i’ve tried using mediamonkey to sync my music and playlist in MSC mode…in all cases my playlists shows up as empty in the Clip.

If anyone could help me solve one of the two problems, then I can commit to one the modes MSC or MTP.  AndI do have the lastest firmware according to sansa updater.

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Sounds like your MTP stack is messed up (you’re not alone).  If you don’t need DRM support, then you’re probably better off with MSC mode anyway.

In MSC mode, the Clip requires m3u (Winamp) style playlists (which you probably already figured out).  If they appear empty on the Clip, it means the paths in the m3u file are incorrect.  The paths in the playlist need to be relative to the location of the playlist.  I believe MM has a setting to use relative paths.

You can also use Winamp to easily create playlists.  Just drag files from the Clip into Winamp’s playlist editor, then save the playlist to the Clip’s MUSIC folder.  If you then open the m3u file with a text editor (like Notepad) you’ll see the paths in the playlist are relative to the Clip’s MUSIC folder (where you saved the playlist).

If you like to use MediaMonkey, here is how you can create the m3u playlist:

1.  After you have transferred the files from your PC to the device

2.  Open MediaMonkey, click on “Now Playing”

3.  Then browse your device to the locations of the music files & drag-n-drop those files the MediaMonkey 

4.  Then select all those files under MediaMonkey and right click on those files & choose “Send To > m3u playlist” & then select to save the m3u playlist to the device’s location.  

5.  Once you’ve saved the m3u playlist to your device, you can check to make sure that you have the correct path to the files.  It should point to the location of the files on your device.  If it’s correct, you can unplug the device from your PC and you should have your playlist.

Note:  If you want to create playlist in every folder, there is a post on a software to create that automatically for you.  You can search to “Auto m3u playlist”