Stupid Mp3Tag question....

Based on a lot of recommendations from the forum members here, I have recently switched to Mp3Tag as my primary tag editor.  With Mp3 files everything is exactly as it should be and I can create perfect tags easily.

I’m also a recent convert to the ogg vorbis format, as to my ears, that format sounds vastly superior to Mp3.

Now here is what I’ve encountered.  It’s not a big issue yet as I understand that the Fuze has limited support for ogg/Flac tags right now.  Anyway…I’ve noticed that with Mp3Tag, my album art isn’t imbedded into the ogg file; it just creates a folder.jpg image.  However, if I create tags using another file tagger program (tag & rename) the album art gets imbedded into the file.

Am I missing a procedure or set-up with Mp3tag?  Like I said, it’s really no big deal right now… but I figured if I am bothering to get the tags correct now, I might as well have the album art embedded into the file for future players and capabilities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

After doing a bit of research, it appears that Mp3Tag doesn’t support embedded album art with ogg vorbis files.  I base this on two things.  No mention of embedding album art was mentioned on the Mp3Tag forum and 2) for embedded album art to work correctly in ogg vorbis two additional fields must be generated:



I found no way to tell Mp3Tag to include the extra 2 fields.

No worries.  Tag & Rename supports this function  :smiley:

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