Help displaying tags for my ogg files.

I cant seem to get any of my ogg foramatted files (or my FLACs) to display their album art tags.  I have several albums in mp3 which seem to display fine with the art embeded.  my oggs, though, will not work with the art embeded or with it nameed “folder.jpg” and in the same folder.  I have copied the music off and back on, still dosent work.  I have cleared it off, formatted it, moved tagged files onto it, still dosent work.

Am i doing something wrong? Please help.

I was having the same issue with oggs. What worked for me was  this format

ID3v2.3 iso-8859-1 

For folder art I made them

 300x300 pixels

Good Luck hope this helps.

Oh yeah I use Easytag for my tag editor

I am still having trouble.  Does easytag allow you to ADD album art?  I cant seem to get it to add any album art to my ogg files. If not can someone please recommend an easy to use,free  editor that will.

Is there an easy way to change all of my tags over to ID3v2.3 iso-8859-1, without reripping my files.  They seem to currently be “Ogg Vorbis Tag”. 

Also i have seen several people say that putting the album art in to the folder with the music and naming it “folder.jpg” will work.  Has anyone got this to work with ogg files?  Mine will not work this way.  Is this because of the version of my tags?