Album art not working with all ID3v2.3 tagson Clip Zip

I got one of these Zip Clip players for my Dad for Xmas and want to preload it with music. All is well, but the tagging was a mess - so I thought I’d sort it out for him so it looks nice as a present.

I converted all tags on the roughly 300 songs to ID3v2.3 (as apparently this is the best format for the Clip Zip) then used Mp3tag freeware to adjust the tags and ensure they all had artwork. The weird thing is when viewed in MP3Tag or even Foobar, the album art is there, but when viewed on the Clip Zip it is there for some, but not for otheres.

There is no pattern as to why some are there and others aren’t. I can’t figure it out. All files are Mp3s.

I’d appreciate any help.

there is an album art file size limit on the zip. the album art cant be larger than 100kb. if it is larger than that it will not display.

Hey mate, thanks for the help

Unfortunately that is not the problem - it helped with some, but not others. Some are even showing album art that doesn’t appear in the Tag in MP3Tag v2.52. There is not a JPEG in that folder either - WTF!

Some folders I have tried using folder.jpg with an image that is under 100k and it wordked for some and not others.

ALL SONGS have tags with album art that is under 100k, but some work and some don’t. I even tried removing album art from the tags so that it has to look for folder.jpg and again it worked for some and not others.

It makes no sense, although I am sure there is an explination there somewhere. Do you know what the player does say if it has art in a tag it can’t read??? Does it disply nothing or default to folder.jpg. What about the reverse situation?

Anyway I think I will have to give up on this, it has cost me 2-3 hours already - Big waste of time for something that should be simple