Clip Zip ID3 tag problems

I’m having some trouble with my ID3 tags and it’s driving me crazy.  All the albums on my 32GB microsd card are albums that I’ve recorded myself from my vinyl record collection.  They are in FLAC format and play just fine on the clip zip.  I use Audacity to record and edit them.  I use Tag&Rename to tag all my files.  Most work fine and the tags show up correctly, however about 10-20 albums the ID3 tags are blank on the clip zip.  I can play them if I browse to the folder, but all I see is the filename and album art.  Very annoying if I want to say just play all songs by an artist or genre, because those files won’t show up.

I’ve tried deleteing and re adding the albums in question.  I’ve used Tag&Rename, MP3tag, db poweramp’s tagging function, but nothing seems to work.  Does anybody have any ideas?  It’s driving me crazy!

Oh, yeah.  I’ve also deleted the database file from the clip zip to force it to rebuild but that doesn’t work either.  I am running the latest firmware

Make sure the tag format is ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. MP3Tag is great; all of the more-experienced users here on the forum use and recommend it. I too, have one player and 32GB card loaded with nothing but FLAC files I ripped from CDs with EAC. I check each one with MP3Tag and have none that give me problems.

We’ve heard from many others who use Tag & Rename who have issues though. Its success seems to be hit-or-miss.

How many songs do you have on your player?  Is it possible that the database just is “full”?  A situation I’ve faced.  

@miikerman wrote:

How many songs do you have on your player?  Is it possible that the database just is “full”?  A situation I’ve faced.  

I doubt this is it if the OP’s files are all in FLAC. There’s no way he could be hitting the database limit with this format. In my 8Gb Clip+ and 32GB card, I have all FLAC files and both memory locations are completely full (less than 100 mb available space on each). I only have like 1300-something songs.

Tag & Rename disabel Unicode

Options / Options / Tags /

Turn “Write Unicode in V2 Tag” off

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Thanks for the tip Koto.  It just fixed one of the problem albums. :smiley:  I try a few more and see what happens.

Another useful Option Tag & Rename

Always Create / update ID v1 Tag

Delete ID1 Tag when delete ID2 Tag

Make v1 and V2 Syncron. For older another Player.