Sansa Clip Zip album art problem

Hi guys! I’m getting a hard time putting album art to my clip zip. I’m using an application called mp3tag to edit the tags and covers of my music files,the problem is I don’t know how to resize (i’m reffering to the “file size” not the dimensions) pictures. I’ve read that clip zip only support album art with less than 100kb.  Can anyone teach me how to fix my problem?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can embed them if you want with MP3Tag but 1.) you’ll have to do it with every file which is time-consuming and a waste of memory space and 2.) you’ll have to re-size the images with another image-editing program; also time-consuming.

A better way in my opinion, is to insert one .jpg image file in the Album folder named “album art.jpg” or “folder.jpg”. The player will use and display this same image for all files in that folder. Once and done.

As far as finding the correct size image? If you use Google Images and type in the artist + the album name, you get a plethora of results. You can then find one suitable in size (I always use 300 x 300), right-click on it and save as “album art” or “folder” directly to the specific album folder.

Easy-peasey! :smiley:

Plus there are a number of freeware programs out there that will fetch album art en masse, making the process easier than it might be otherwise. 

Thanks a lot Tapeworm!c: But what if i just want to put an album art on one music file, i think it’s a time consuming if i’ll make another folder just to put cover on it? Is there any other way?

I copy/paste on the WMP omage. Different sizes, it all seems to work well for me.