stuck in radio mode

I’m stuck in radio mode & can’t figure out how to get back to my music mode. Where’s the main menu so I can pick function. I’ve reset it, unlocked it with no change. manual is 0 help.

Do a long press on the BACK button (upper left of keypad). This will return you to the main menu. Tap the right or left buttons to scroll/navigate to the MUSIC menu. Press the center SELECT button.

I’ve had this before, very frustrating when nothing happens when you use the menus!

Do a soft rest;

On mine this is done my holding the power button for ~20 secs.

Or let the battery drain out :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be fine after you power it back up

This is for the clip, side switch, side vol, circular control with centre select and right hand top home button. Stuc in radio? If it shows the radio channel select hit home button to show radio pic, next press top of circular control which will display music. Next hit centre button to get the menu…there you go!