New Sansa Clip4G Stuck on Radio

Can someone possibly tell me how to get back to the main menu and get out of the radio function.  I have taken off the sticky cover and I did access the main menu once, to change the language from Arabic to English (WTF!!!).  Now, I can’t seem to get back to the main menu to get to the settings or anything else.  I am stuck in an endless loop of preset functions (delete/set/record) and can’t get out of it.  Can anyone please help me before I’m forced to return this to the store.  Thank you for any help.

Have you tried pressing the HOME/BACK button? That’s its function, to return you to the main menu.

When I press the Home/Back button (that’s the little button on the top right, correct?  Just to be sure.)  It makes me unlock it, then I’m still in the radio function.  Then I try scrolling down with the Submenu button, down at the bottom, but I’m still in all the menus for radio (preset options).  In other words, pushing the Home button isn’t bringing up anything - is that what is supposed to happen?  If so, should I return it if that’s not happening on mine?

Never mind - I think I may have actually figured it out.  Yay! 

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