Stuck at "preparing to sync"

The camera sync function works well for my iPad but not for my iPhone. I keep getting the message “preparing to sync” for hours with no files transferred. Can I even use one iXpand for both of my devices?

it can be used for both. have you tried changing the destination for the camera sync? in settings where you turn camera sync on you can choose a destination. Try changing this to a different folder than the one used for the iPad and see if that helps. 

Thanks for getting back to me.  Hmmm, I don’t see where I can set up/change to a new folder for camera sync for my iPhone.

I also tried Under “Camera sync”.  The Destination option is in gray and I could not Chang it.

you probaby cant change it because auto sync is on and it is preparing to sync. changing the destination folder while it is trying to sync would likely cause issues. 

disable auto sync then change the destination and see if that helps. 

I was able to change the destination folder to another name after turning auto sync off… I am still getting the same issue…any other suggestions?

what happens if you try to manually transfer a few photos using the + button on the home screen?

I would try the following and see if that helps

  1. double tap the home button and swipe the iXpand sync app up to exit it completely

  2. power cycle the phone

  3. connect the ixpand and open the app and see if the issue is still there

if so you can contact sandisk support and send them the logs from the app and they can see if the logs have any info on why the sync is getting stuck. 

Thanks for the detailed instructions.

i can manually transfer files from iPhone to iXpand. I can also sync contacts from iPhone to iXpand. 

I am still getting the same issue after taking the 3 steps as you suggested.

I just tried camera sync from my iPad. That still works just fine.

how should I get the logs from the app and send it to tech support?

many thanks 


on the main screen pull down to reveal the search bar. Search “sandisklogs” all one work with no quotation marks. you will need a default email account configured on the phone. It will open your email with the logs attached. Email the logs to yourself then open a support ticket with sandisk support and attach the logs.  

Ok, I tried searching for sandisklogs. There is nothing showed up. I do use “mail” on my phone for emails…not sure why this is not working for me.  I guess I will have to manually transfer my photos from phone to iXpand …  :-(

thanks for your effort.


you need to do the search from the main screen of the iXpand sync app. Where you see the + sign at the bottom. and yes you will need a default email set up on the phone to email the logs out. 

I finally got it .  Thank you!

i have submitted a ticket to the tech support group. Thanks!