strange new Napster situation

So Napster recognizes my Clip, and I’m able to transfer my Napster playlist to the Clip with no problems.  

But once I disconnect the Clip from my laptop, and turn the Clip back on and go to my music, the Clip shows “No Song” on the display.

When I view the Clip in Windows, and look at the Internal Memory drive, I’m seeing everything looking normal – I see a Music folder, with all of the files I transferred from Napster.

Everything LOOKS like it’s supposed to, but when I try to play the music on the Clip, I just keep getting “No Song” on the display.



Windows dropped support for the DRM that Napster uses. So Napster/Rhapsody has decided to just no longer allow file downloads.

Which really sucks. I actually canceled my Napster subscription today, after being a customer for many years.

Does anyone know of an alternate subscription service that still allows downloads? Or are we now going to be forced to buy individual songs from Amazon or iTunes?

Problem is most if not all services use some form DRM to control their downloads.  No matter who is recomended if they go out of business or change their minds all your downloads are lost.  If you want to guarantee you have your music for ever and can play it on any device, you need to find/buy DRM free music.