Help! Napster NOW says NOT compatible

I added and put songs on two Sansa Clips around Thanksgiving.  No problems with Napster.  Then one of them would not be recognized by Napster (the other was used on another computer and was fine at last check).  So I posted for help on the Napster forums.  NOW Napster staff are saying the Clip is NOT compatible.

What’s the truth?

Personally, I am very suspicious since it WAS recognized and used compatibly just fine - multiple times.



P.S.  If it’s not compatible, I and my extended family are going to be returning about 13 of these for our money back, since compatibility was the #1 issue and when we plugged one up, it worked perfectly.

Clip is compatible with Napster.  Clip is a Plays For Sure Device,  no issue.

I think Napster software might have issues that could have caused this.  Try to upgrade to the newest Napster and see if you can again sync music to your Clip.  If not, try this but be sure to back up all your data first.

  1. Back up your contents onto your PC
  2. Go to Settings in the device (Clip) & select to Format it
  3. After format, plug it in PC & try using Napster again & make sure that your device is in AutoDetect or MTP mode.  DO NOT have it in MSC mode. 

***To see which mode you are on, go to Settings & scroll down until you see “USB mode”, go in there and you should see 3 options: AutoDetect, MTP, MSC.  Select AutoDetect on the safe side if you are not sure what you want to use.***

GL to you

I called the Sansa Tech support and was assured that the clip IS napster compatible.  They had me format the Clip and upgrade the firmware.  Napster still did not work.  I uninstalled and REinstalled Napster.  Still nothing.  The computer in question is my fathers and is also the one i had originally used to verify the Clip was compatible.  After doing the format and firmware update, I took the clip home and it works perfectly with Napster on MY home computer. 

I emailed Napster support and here is what I was told:

Thanks for contacting Napster support.

Unfortunately, at this time the Sansa Clip MP3 player you are using has not=
been certified by Napster as being compatible with our service. While it’s=
possible that your device may function relatively well with Napster, we un=
fortunately will not be able to offer you technical support or advice in th=
e event that you have issues using the device with our service. The only Sa=
nsa devices that are currently compatible and supported are:

-SanDisk Sansa c200 Series and SD card=20
-SanDisk Sansa e200 Series=20
-SanDisk Sansa m200 Series=20
-SanDisk Sansa Express and SD card=20
-SanDisk Sansa View and SD card

We encourage you to check the Napster Compatible Devices page for regular u=
pdates on devices compatible with our service. The Napster Compatible Devic=
e page can be found at:



So basically, Sansa says it is compatible, Napster says it’s not.  Who’s right???  I have 10 other family members with Napster memberships who are holding unopened Clips - waiting for me to find out what’s going on because if they are not Napster compatible, they’ll be returning them and buying other players that are compatible.


bump ---- hoping for input from someone from Sansa.  I can’t be the only one with this issue…

As I said,  Clip has been tested with and is compatible with Napster,  although it has not been certified by Napster.

Ok, it’s ‘compatible’ but not certified.  *sigh* 

Is Sansa going to work on getting it certified with Napster?

i dont know if its something that SanDisk has to do. There players are what they are, im pretty sure this is something that has to be expected of Napster. I could be wrong though.


I bought my daughter one of these and had the same problem with it not connecting to Napster.  I have fixed it and wanted to at least share what I did…if you haven’t returned yours already ;-(

1.  I downloaded and installed the firmware update.

2.  I changed the USB setting to MTP

3.  I reformatted the player

Now it connects and transfers without any problem.  That said, it did not work until the last step, but I do not know if the earlier steps were important or not. 

Hope this helps…this is a great player and meets my daughter’s needs quite well…it was just important to me to be able to get some music on it from Napster for her, otherwise I would have been headed back to the store as well. 

DarlaC wrote:

Ok, it’s ‘compatible’ but not certified.  *sigh* 


Is Sansa going to work on getting it certified with Napster?


My guess is that Napster “certifies” a player when someone in their company gets a hold of the player and tries it out.  I doubt that a player needs to do anything more than support MTP in order to work with Napster, but am not sure.  Anybody?

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Hi all

FYI ,  Sansa Clip just passed Napster certification.