My 4GB Clip won't sync my music with Napster


I have a to go subscription with Napster and up until recently I’ve never had an issue syncing my music when the clip has prompted me to.  I’ve tried putting it in each of the two usb ports of the front of my puter to see if that was the issue (puter not recognizing the port) but to no avail.  The tracks that I haven’t purchased won’t sync, therefore I can’t listen to my music :frowning:

This happened one other time that I thought I had synced, bu then the clip told me I had to sync to continue my subscription, but it seemed to resolve itself a few hours later.  This time it’s been a couple of days.  I had it plugged in all day yesterday and for like half a day today to no avail.

Any suggestions?


E :slight_smile: