downloading music Help!!

I just bought the clip and I am a user of Napster. Does anyone else use Napster?Is there a way of getting downloads without Napster? It is not listed on Napster list of compatible players , is this because it is so new?

It’s probably because the Sansa Clip is new.  It’s not even listed at, but it is a Plays For Sure device.  Also, Sandisk’s own announcment of the Sansa Clip release says it can be used with subscription services such as “Rhapsody To Go, Napster, eMusic and others.”

One service I’ve started using recently is SpiralFrog,  It is a subscription service, but it’s free.  It’s advertising supported, and they just require that you log into their website at least once a month to renew your song licenses.

Another website I like to use:  These are not DRM-protected audio files, so you can use them however you want.  Not a lot of popular artists on there, but a lot of good music, and occasionally songs by the more popular artists show up.