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I just got my clip+ and an trying to figure out how to download music to it.  I can’t afford a paid subscription to Rhapsody so would like suggestions on where to go for free downloads–and how to do it.  Thanks! 

You can either ‘rip’ your own CD’s to .mp3 format, or buy .mp3 files from Amazon, Walmart, EMusic, and other online music services (even iTunes, yuck). A lot depends on your taste in music; there are many places for free (and legal) music downloads, but you won’t be finding the Top 40 or any of the most popular music.

Here’s a thread with a lot of good suggestions for free music.

If you have CD’s you own and want to ‘rip’ or convert them to .mp3 format you can use any number of free utilities, one of which you most likely already have, Windows Media Player. Also if you live in a fairly large metropolitan area, you probably have a local library (or library system with several branches). A lot of them have CD’s to loan out just like books.

As to “how to do it,” typically a download site will have an easy means (often just a button press; sometimes simple-to-use download software) to download the music to your computer.  And then just drag and drop the files to your Clip–voila!

Note that having a digital audio player doesn’t mean that music is free–the world is like it ever was.  Personally, I generally still buy CDs and then rip them for use on my Clip.  Having said that, there are sources for free downloads, as noted above.  Amazon is a great place to go to, for free samples of lots of music (just don’t expect the top 40!). 

(And Tapeworm, even small towns often have libraries as well!   ;)   )

Can I use my I-tunes to select a playlist I want to download to my sansa clip+?

@mtut wrote:

Can I use my I-tunes to select a playlist I want to download to my sansa clip+?

Of course not…iTunes is for iPods and iPads, not Sansas.:wink: