Stopped working on MacOS Big Sur

It keeps ejecting itself and I keep getting messages that it hasn’t been ejected in a proper fashion. It’ll work for 5-10 minutes then disconnect.

I just moved from Intel MBPro to M1 MacMini w/ Big Sur. Not sure if it’s the Mini or Big Sur or if my drive is at fault.

Happily, all this data is in the cloud, so I can afford to lose the drive. But I need it as a case-sensitive volume.

Anyone else have this problem or can offer suggestions?

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I have the same problem I think,
I recently purchased a SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD 1Tb (2000MB/s)
I’m in MacOS Big Sur , When my macbook pro becomes in sleep mode.
The SanDisk Extreme PRO stops working until I eject and then reconnect SSD to computer
This is very annoying and sometimes I lose what I’m working on

Same issue

The solution for me was to upgrade to the latest version of Big Sur

yeah its always best to keep your devices updated (Y)

Yes. I can only recommend that as well. having a regular update helps to keep your device running :slight_smile: