Crash reports on Mac Studio

I have a brand new Mac Studio Max M2 with the Apple Studio Display. Already on the second or third day I started getting Panic Reports, after the computer crashed and restarted. That happened several times. Reinstalling Sonoma, booting into Recovery Mode or Safe Mode and eliminating Sleep Mode did not help. Systematically connecting and disconnecting things in Safe Mode indicated a high probability that it had to do with the Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 1TB V2 and perhaps also with the Sleep mode. However, according to the serial number of the SSD, it appeared that no firmware update was required. However, the Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 1TB V2 is also my backup SSD for Time Machine. Does anyone have any good advice for me?

The panic reports are:

  1. SOCD report detected: AP Watchdog expired
  2. Sleep transition timed out after 35 seconds while calling power state change callbacks. Suspected bundle:

Many thanks in advance,



Are you using a multi port connector with your SSD connected to your Mac?
I had issues using my Easy Store drive as my Time Machine drive while connected to the J5create Bus.

After disconnecting it from my J5create Bus, and connecting it directly into a dedicated port on my Mac I’ve had no problems.

Thanks for your reply.
It was connector directly to the USB-C Thunderbolt 4 bus, at the back of the Mac Studio Max M2.

It’s frustrating when technical glitches arise. Considering the correlation with the Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 1TB V2, have you tried updating the SSD’s drivers or checking for any firmware updates manually? It might be worth a shot to ensure compatibility. Additionally, reaching out to Apple Support for tailored assistance could provide valuable insights. Good luck with resolving the problem! Thanks me later!