Sandisk E Pro 480 SMART errors

Hi guys,

I’m using a MacBook Pro 13 pouces Mid 2012, OSX 10.11.6 El Captain with an SSD Sandisk Extreme Pro 480Go bought new 3 years ago.

I’m having problems with it and my macbook crashes randomly.

I did two different tests: one with the ASD 3S150 by Apple and one with TechTool Pro 9.

Both concludes that I have a SMART issue on my SSD. (you can see the results in the attached files).

So what should I do ? Why do I have this problem ? Someone recommand me to fix it with diskwarrior.

Many thanks in advance for your help and time.

the programs you used to check smart may not work well with SSD. once shows wrong drive type and the other shows errors for bad sectors which is not necessarily a indication of a failure with an ssd. 

in disk utility you can run a smart check. if that passes the issue is not likely a hardware issue with the ssd. 

if you can place the ssd in a windows computer you can use the sandisk ssd dashboard to check the drive health and smart status.