SSD Suddenly Stops Displaying Files - MAC Big Sur

When SSD Extreme 1TB is mounted to MAC OS Big Sur, it will periodically stop displaying files within folders. Files wont reappear until I eject and then reconnect SSD to computer. All files will be present for a short period of time, then files will disappear again. Any idea why this is happening?

same problem here. The SSD doesn’t even display in the Finder. I’m using macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Any idea what to do?

Have you found a solution yet?

Mine won’t even mount. A new unused one will mount on BigSur MacMini M1. It did mount, but stopped. Figures all my files would be on it.

I only upgraded to Big Sur after 11.1 was released. I immediately started having issues with my WD Passport SSD. Attempting to write produces errors and even crashes MacOS. I don’t see an update to any previous post. Has anyone tried a support ticket?

Just to follow up… I never found a solution. The drive started deleting files. Not sure why that was happening. But rather than deal with resolving the issue, I just purchased a Samsung T7 SSD. I know it’s not necessarily the solution one would hope for… but hey, this new drive seems to be working great. Transferred my files asap, to salvage what i could before the sandisk drive erased everything. Going to reformat the sandisk and see if I can possibly use it in the future, but i’m a little hesitant given it’s past.

Oh, and for the record… the T7 has double the write/read speeds of the sandisk, so that’s a win in my book.

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I think I found my problem. At least I am hoping so. I decided to eliminate all of the Western Digital software that I had installed. As I don’t own one of the Sandisk labeled drives mentioned by others, I don’t know if this applies. But I found WDDesktop Finder Extensions running and have discovered that this is not current software. I have removed everything WD from my drive, including cleaning out the /System folder. I am not longer getting write errors and crashes.

Thanks for your post. I will try to remove it. I’m using Big Sur and external Sandisk SDDs are unstable. I used them to store virtual machines used by Paralles but after some minutes of usage, VMs crashed showing a message they cannot write on the drive. Then, drives were unmountable and the only way to access them was to physical unplug/plug. The only solution I found was to buy a new SSD of another brand and now all works fine.

I removed the WD utilities and now the disks work properly!

I cannot mount my SSD neither. Mac Book Pro (2019 Intel). Bigsur 11.1. SanDisk support keep saying it is supported… It does appear in the Disk Utility but cannot mount. Its perfectly OK with other windows machines and previous Mac OS Mojave. I am considering down grading. Please help!

I have the same situation. New MAC, came with Catalina, upgraded to Bigsur. I had 3 Sandisk drive, 2 1 TB, and 1 500 gb. So far I have 2 ‘dead’ drives. I have 1 with all my music files. I am afraid to connect it. Since Apple no longer has a CD, I want to see a official fix etc. I also bought a Samsung T7. Fast and seem to be compatible with Bigsur.